Wetlander 3-Layer Coating System for hunting and fishing boats

We are now offering a 3 layer system designed for standard sized (100 ft. sq.) wood, fiberglass, and aluminum boats.  Whether you’re bowfishing, gigging,  trapping, or duck hunting, this 3 coat system will protect your hull and provide you the slip you need to get over obstacles and slide through skinny water and sticky mud.

This system is based on premise that multiple cured layers of coating are better than one thick layer.  By stacking alternate layers of coating, you are ensuring a pinhole free surface that will not allow water to migrate through to your hull.  Multiple layers also give you separate layers of durability to keep your hull protected and sliding clean, even after getting scraped and gouged.

This 3L (three layer) system arrives at your door as two separate ½ gallons, followed by a half gallon of our super slick Wetlander Topcoat; you get 1 and a half gallons total for $309, saving you $15!

Layer 1- Highly Durable/ Adhesion Primer
Layer 2- Primer/ Topcoat Hybrid
Layer 3- Friction Reducing Top Coat

Just like all of our specialty boat coatings, Wetlander can be applied by either a sprayer or roller.  It is also easy to touch up later on in the season.  Just sand the area you want to touch up, wipe it clean, then apply more Wetlander Topcoat.  It’s that easy.

By ordering Wetlander 3L as a kit, you will save $15, compared to buying (3) ½ gallons at regular price.  So - Order Now!

13 thoughts on “Wetlander 3-Layer Coating System for hunting and fishing boats

    • Works great for preventing damage to jet skis. The Wetlander coating is so slick, it vectors off the forces of the impact, minimizing damage to the fiberglass/gel coat. Over time, if there are any gouges or hot spots it is easy to touch them up with a roller and fresh Wetlander.

    • Michael,

      Yes, applying Wetlander will help seal up small holes and weeping rivets, HOWEVER, I recommend using a product made for the purpose. 3M makes a marine-grade caulk called 5200 that is perfect for sealing up small gaps that allow water to seep in. Put on the 5200, THEN overcoat with Wetlander, and you will be good to go.

      And, yes, it will stand up to 55 mph speeds.


  1. I am restoring a 72 13′ Boston whaler when I measure the bottom it seems to be about 110 sq. Will the product stretch? Or should I be looking for a different product?

    • Rick,

      When we say a half gallon will cover 100 sq. ft., that is at a very specific thickness (4 mil). So, yes you will be able to stretch it to your 110 square feet, at the expense of a bit of thickness, which is fine, especially for your style of boat. I would prefer that you use either 1 gallon of topcoat and do two complete coats, or you get 1/2 gallon primer and 1/2 gallon of topcoat, so you can get two complete coats. It is very important to get two complete coats on ANY coating project that is going to be underwater. Coatings can develop pinholes as they dry due to air bubbles popping after application. Two coats mitigates the danger of water migration through these pinholes. So, two coats are always better.

      Hope that helps.


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