Wetlander is the best slick bottom coating for airboats



Naturally, having the least amount of friction on an airboat hull will get you farther, faster and deeper into previously unexplored areas. A Wetlander-coated airboat hull is  easier to launch and load on the trailer, gets over dry land more easily, and gets more thrust for your boat, without having to add horsepower.

This page highlights Wetlander on airboats specifically; For much more in-depth information on Wetlander, go to the main Wetlander site -> WETLANDER.COM


In the southern US, bayous, swamps, and marshes present airboaters with many formidable obstacles:  mud, standing sawgrass, grassy hills, submerged stumps, etc., can ruin an otherwise great day of airboating.  By applying Wetlander to their hulls, airboaters are getting to places they simply could not get to before. And they are getting there faster.  Here is a DynaMarine airboat going 101.6 MPH on the GPS.

In the more temperate areas of North America, airboats need a slick and tough coating that allows them to get through the transitions from open water to frozen ice shelves, and up onto slushy snow-covered banks.  Wetlander is proving that slicker is better, and that flexibility is a strength.

“‘I’ve used their Wetlander product on 2 airboats so far and have been impressed. I am very happy with how it performed!” “Pretty sweet stuff, no doubt.” -posts from Dyna Marine on Southern Airboats Forum

“I just removed the poly on my 11′ glass hull, filled the holes and put Wetlander on it. it was easy to work with (used roller). The primer made the hull prep minimal which was a big plus for me. The top coat was easy to apply and it is really slick” -post from ‘G-MAC‘ on Southern Airboats Forum

“Wetlander is insanely slick!” -post from ‘Radtech‘ on Southern Airboats Forum

widowmaker airboat

“Slick and tough; happy with it – never seen anything that slick.  This is my 3rd or 4th boat with the product and I love it”  –Paul Sanders, TX

“Goes on easy, crazy slick, and looks great too. Definitely gain speed in the water; it’s some badass s#@t”  –Mike Kelley, FL

“Slicker than goose sh-t on a wet pier.  It’s great stuff, easy to apply and works great.  Prep on the bottom on the key and allow enough time to cure.  I let it sit in my heated garage one week between applications.  Awesome stuff” – Lance W., AK

“Wetlander makes the bottom slicker to slide over gravel bars or other obstacle. The K5 polyurea can be applied in any thickness desired and provides the high impact protection. If it was applied to an equal thickness as UHMW, it would have equal or better impact resistance. The two products combined make a great alternative to the UHMW.”-post from ‘HighCountryBulls‘ (outdoorsdirectory.com/forum/alaska-boating)  


“A guy I ride with sprayed his entire rigging with WetLander primer and top coat…..it left a beautiful matte black finish and nothing sticks to it…everything just washes right off” – posted by GMAC 76 (southernairboat.com)




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