Wetlander is the best slick bottom for airboats.

For decades, Wearlon® coating technology has been sought after for many high performance marine applications.  In particular, champion hydroplane boat racers depend on Wearlon for higher top speeds and reduced fuel consumption.  Experienced boaters are now utilizing this technology for their own purposes, and finding astounding results.  We call this coating Wearlon Wetlander.The number of boaters using Wearlon Wetlander is growing rapidly and we have received exciting feedback.  These boaters insist there is no better hull coating for their airboat, fan boat, swamp or mud boat, in terms of slickness, durability and ease of application (also great for drift boats, kayaks, and gheenoes!).  With Wearlon® technology, Wearlon Wetlander provides significant advances in these three areas especially in contrast to other bottom paints and protective sheets of UHMW polymer.  Unlike other boat coatings, Wearlon Wetlander combines “Slippery AND Durability”.

Naturally, having the least amount of friction on an airboat hull will get you farther, faster and deeper into previously unexplored areas. A Wetlander-coated airboat hull is  easier to launch and load on the trailer, gets over dry land easily, and gets more thrust for your boat, without having to add horsepower.

In the southern US, bayous, swamps, and marshes present airboaters with muddy shallow water, standing sawgrass, grassy hills, submerged stumps, etc… By applying Wetlander to their hulls, airboaters are getting to places they simply could not get to before. And they are getting there faster.  Here is a DynaMarine airboat going 101.6 MPH on the GPS.

In the more temperate areas of North America, airboats need a slick and tough coating that allows them to get through the transitions from open water to frozen ice shelves, and up onto slushy snow-covered banks.  Wetlander is proving that slicker is better, and that flexibility is a strength.

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